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Nelson County vaccination event focuses on elderly, African American individuals

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Story originally posted by ABC 13 news

Written by: Caroline Kealy & Kristin Mirand Saturday, March 6th 2021

NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WSET) — 300 people were vaccinated at the Nelson County Heritage Center on Saturday.

Edith Napier, one of the event coordinators, said that there is a big push from them and the Blue Ridge Health District to get people vaccinated. They're aiming to get elderly people and those in the African American community fully vaccinated.

"So I feel good about that," Napier said. "It's been a good deal of work, but I feel good about the fact that we are reaching people who really need it."

According to Kaiser Health News, the Black community is getting vaccinated at a much slower rate than the white community. In many cases, white people are getting vaccinated two to three times more.

So far, 3% of Americans have received the vaccine.

Napier said that they hope to have a vaccination clinic like Saturday's event on a monthly basis.

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